Renting A Car and Bus

Renting a car for foreign nationals is another IMEXIRAN service.

Rent a car with a driver

One of the services provided by foreign residents who have been staying in Iran for a while is asking for car rental eighter with or without a driver. Foreigners who are not familiar with the streets of Tehran can ride Imam Khomeini Airport with the most reasonable price.

Rent a bus

It is not possible for you to travel to Iran after a long time, but you will not want to go north with your family and friends. We all know that these trips are more than happy with the number of companions. You can also rent a van or bus in the old memory and get into the heart of the sea. In this context, along with car rental for foreigners, IMEXIRAN will provide services such as renting a bus and a van for collective road trips in Iran or Tehran tours.